#50 Five Easy Pieces Takeover/ Kutmah, Ghostpoet, Royalty & Lapalux (LIVE)

04 Apr 201123:00 - 23:00 UTC

Next week we join the ranks Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith and Oprah Winfrey in that we'll be in our fifties and people haven't lost interest and forgotten who we are. To celebrate, we've invited down the Five Easy Pieces crew alongside some friends to bring the party.

We could have come up with a real nice little piece on why Kutmah is such a dude, but then we found that somebody had already done an interview with him that totally does the job for us. Look out for the bit where he mixes the theme tune to Curb Your Enthusiasm - it's the moment when two of the best things in the world combine.

Hey, isn't Ghostpoet a bit like Mike Skinner for the 10 O'clock Live generation. I mean, he has a connection to some terribly backward town in the Midlands. He has that sort of ultra-gritty, Anglo-Lil B style stream of thought flow and he's gaining a lot of support from mainstream and underground media. We just hope y'all remember how good Mike's first album was!

FEP001 - Royalty EP (stream only) by Five Easy Pieces

What better way to celebrate the forthcoming royal wedding than by purchasing yourself a copy of the new Royalty album. All proceeds go towards ensuring fair Kate gets herself a modest, yet wow-factor dress for her big day. Also, the debut release from the combo of Chesca and Elliot Yorke is sensational and when was the last time you supported your local record store?

Lastly, Lapalux will also be dropping by to freak the shit out of our lives. Watch for his release on Pictures Music coming out real soon. It's notably awesome!

04 Apr 201123:00 - 23:00 UTC