#55 Standard Place Takeover/ Joker ft Nomad & Jessie Ware, French Fries, Oneman, Jon Rust & Reecha - Hosted by Asbo

23 May 2011, 23:00 - 23:00 UTC

Hey everyone, it's time for another Standard Place at Boiler Room. You know what that means.. it means wall-to-wall party vibes and a line-up that would make a special forces task force cry with joy.

They're bringing down the man, the legend, that is Joker. You know, the guy that pretty much single-handedly spawned a sub-genre of his own. This guys more into purple than Prince and Lil Wayne's cup holder combined. Even from his early stuff, he ran shit.

There sure are some god damn weird ass people on the internet eh?

He'll be joined on the set by long-term 'right hand man' Nomad, as well as shit hot vocalist Jessie Ware - who we've got mad love for - it's always a joy to have her down.

French Fries will also be joining us, all the way from Paris. The guy is responsible for that Amerie refix that became a Standard Place anthem overnight.

Being a Standard Place takeover as well, you know you're getting entertainment in the form of Oneman, Reecha, Jon Rust and Asbo - who infallibly supply vibes everywhere they go. They're here to life the mood of the nation once again.


French Fries-profile-image
French Fries
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Jessie Ware
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Jon Rust
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Jon Rust & Reecha