#56 Photek & Friends/ Goldie, Mark Pritchard, Breakage & Guido

13 Jun 2011, 23:00 - 23:00 UTC

The work of Photek has long heald a place in the hearts of people who make music and people wholike music for a long time. His body of work relentlessly chases new sounds and pushes the ideas of whatever the current scene is putting out there. You would think being so consistently on that next shit would leave you pretty lonely, but he's coming to Boiler Room with a bunch of his friends.

The legendary Goldie will be up inside the place, being Goldie. So you know you can't really miss that.

Mark Pritchard of Africa HiTech/ Global Communication/ Mark Pritchard fame, will also be in session. Yet another case of a producer who constantly reshapes the mould he fits into - and who we love dearly.

Breakage and Guido round off the bill, making this one of the most tearout session we've ever layed on. Expect sore hips, feet, backs, arms and cheeks for days afterwards.