Off Air

#60 Boglewaltz Special/ Twin Cities, Shea Soul, D.ablo, Velvet Stream, Soundspecies & DJ Bantaar

11 Jul 201123:00 - 23:00 UTC

Boglewaltz is a collective that throw some dope ass parties, and earlier this year they put out a real strong compilation from the musician involved. They're coming to Boiler Room to recreate that party vibe they hold down so well, as something a little different to our usual affair.


Twin Cities (DJ set)
Shea Soul (PA)
D.ablo (live)
Velvet Stream (live)
Soundspecies (live)
DJ Bantaar (DJ set)

If you're into getting you're ass into gear, and dancing round your living room. Ensure you lock to this. If you see man crying in a dance, support him. It's going to be emotional.

11 Jul 201123:00 - 23:00 UTC


Soundspecies Image
Twin Cities Image
Twin Cities