#62 3024 Recordings/ Martyn, Kode 9, dBridge & Jon Convex - Hosted by SP:MC

26 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC

Now, we're assuming here, but Martyn probably named his label 3024 because he figured that would be the year when it's releases may no longer seem relevant in a day-to-day context. Well, maybe he sold himself a little short. His taste and production style is so diverse, he's just going to be great forever! That's something pretty rare in electronic music - so we're feeling the need to stream this guy, and some stuff that he's into, all over the internet. He has a new album out, so prepare your ears for making you want to pre-order shit.

Big homie Kode 9 will also be passing through to show love. After killing it last time with Spaceape and thair live presentation, this time he's bringing a stack of record shaped ammo. Pow!

Original Bad Company member dBridge will also be swinging by. He'll be bringing enough 'autonomic' sounds to shake some sense into the situation.

Jon Convex will also be there, after dropping a scorcher of a release on 3024 and generally just killing it as part of Instra:Mental. We're expecting the roof to blow off and entire S.W.A.T team to descend, shut down the party and lock us all up. We'll be safe in the knowledge that it will all have been worth it though. Plus we can afford some pretty decent lawyers.

26 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC