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#63 secretsundaze 10th Birthday/ WBeeza (LIVE), Ethyl, Giles Smith & James Priestley

16 Aug 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC

Broadcast from the roof terrace at H. Forman & Son, Stour Road, Fish Island, London E3 2NT

2000 - 2300, Tuesday 16th August 2011

For an entire decade, secretsundaze has been the go to party for exceptional house music you can really get loose to. If you've never made it down to one of their parties then shame on you! Its high time you understood their party philosophy, and we're going to show you how - from a rooftop that overlooks the god damn hoe-lympic stadium.

The first homie that's joining us on the night is the one like Wbeeza (LIVE). After some exceptional releases on Third Ear, he recently put out a a fine LP. Though we're still not entirely sure how pronounce his name.. "WuBeeza? Double U Beeza? WahBeeza? Wuheeeeza? Fuck it, it's good. Give it a listen. He so crazy."

Ethyl & Flori - secretsundaze Sonar 2010 by The Secret Agency

Ethyl will also be joining us on that roof to aid the 10th Birthday celebrtions. After releases on the doper than dope Cécille Records we're excited to see exactly how Ethyl gets down.

10 Years of secretsundaze - Mixed By Giles Smith by secretsundaze

10 Years Of secretsundaze - Mixed By James Priestley by secretsundaze

Of course, the heads of secretsundaze James Priestly and Gilles Smith will also be there. They're awesome DJs, especially in rooftop situations. There's just something about them on a roof that's exciting.. like Santa Claus or the a guy putting a Sky dish on there.

16 Aug 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC


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