#64 NTS/ Kyle Hall, Dark Sky, Cherrystones, 92 Points, Olly Chubb & Alex Chase

05 Sep 2011, 23:00 - 23:00 UTC

It sure is nice to be working together with NTS.. football champions, radio heroes and all-round nice guys. We've been working together on this show, with some help from i-D online too, to showcase some of that real dope shit. Get ready guys.

Can you believe we haven't had Kyle Hall up in the Boiler Room yet?! Now that shit is crazy. Better late than never though, the guy is totally on a higher level of thinking. His music is exceptional, his DJing is exceptional and we're going to stop talking about how good he is right now before it all gets too much.

The New Jerusalem w/ Cherrystones 16.08 by NTS RADIO

When it comes to weirdness, mad heritage and knowing your shit inside out, Cherrystones is way up there. This is going to be some serious Boiler Room session.

Also joining us on the night will be boss man of One Handed Music, Alex Chase. The one like Olly Chubb, the 92 Points guys and NTS founder and badman selector Mr. Wonderful himself.


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Kyle Hall