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#66/ Daedelus, James Pants, Cherrystones, Oddisee & EVM128

20 Sep 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC

It's fun to do takeovers and see how a whole bunch of like-minded people put together a show - but now and again it's also fun to throw together a whole bunch of artists we're relly just want to bring to you guys and see how it pans out.

This week, we've done just that. Though if you look a little deeper, they all totally sit alongside each other. We're pretty adament that anything could happen in those three hours though.

Firstly, we got Daedelus coming down to showcase his skills. Loads of people think he's crazy, because he dresses like a Victorian sometimes. Well, Charles Dickens dressed like a Victorian pretty much all the time, and you don't go calling him crazy do you? So lay off the guy!

Check him out tearing up Low End Theory like it's nothing.

Well, in other great news James Pants is in the country.. though only God knows how he made it. Imagine trying to go through customs or book a hotel with a name like Mr Pants. Homie must get such a raw deal. Anyways, he's killer and if you're not familiar with his albums I suggest you spend the next 24hrs getting all close and sensual with them.

For #66 we've also got Cherrystones coming down to show us how to get down. We were supposed to be bringing them to you via the NTS show, but it didn't happen. Second time lucky though - it'll be great.

To cap it all off, we've also got some hot new talent soming through - in the form of EVM128. Listen to his thangs on bandcamp, they're real nice.

20 Sep 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC


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James Pants
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