#67 Red Bull Music Academy/ David Rodigan, Saxon Sound International & Fatman International Sound

27 Sep 2011, 19:00 - 22:00 UTC

It's time for Boiler Room to go back to where all that is good began, by bringing you a serious dose of soundsystem culture. All thanks to Red Bull Music Academy who have definitely gone above and beyond in organising their second takeover. They've got David Rodigan doing what he does best, bringing the heat that only comes from a lifetime devoted to music - and some of his favourite UK Soundsystems to play alongside. We all know Rodigan can move with the times and challange any DJ still today, but we're really looking forward to seeing how he got down back in the day. He has dubs people would remortgage their house for. Fuck this will be great.

Firstly, he's invited down Saxon Studio International. Just to give the whole situation a real sense of gravitas, as they're true pioneers. It's the Soundsystem that brought people like Tippa Irie and Smiley Culture to the point of reaching major chart success (back when that really meant something). It'll be something to challenge Rodigan himself, shits gonna get real!

We're also going to be joined by Fatman International Sound, who used to do really cool stuff like what you see in all these photos. Need a time machine, right now..