#68 Hessle Audio/ Ben UFO, Pearson Sound, Peverelist & Bake

04 Oct 2011, 19:00 - 22:00 UTC

Everyone knows that Hessle Audio go above and beyond when it comes to running a record label. Like free spirits they manoeuvre in the outer cosmos of badman to deliver a fine calibre of releases, untestable evenings of entertainment and radio shows that warrant furious archiving. Everytime they've entered the Boiler Realm, they've left a notable impression - and now it's time for the to move us all to tears once again.

This time they have invited down a true musical hero of ours in te form of Prof. Peverelist. The guy has a PHD in hi-hats and often gives lectures on sub bass, melody and groove. He's also an exceptional DJ we've been longing to present to you for the longest time.

Of course, some Hessle regulars will be in attendance with both Ben UFO and Pearson coming through to show you where the label is at. They've been on tour, so expect sun tans and plenty souvenirs. Oh and Ben is just about to put out his contribution the Rinse compilation series. Which you should be anticipating with Festive period levels of sleepless nights. It will floor you..

Te guys have also invited down relatively new talent Bake, the co-founder of All Caps records. The labels first two releases are coming out in quick succession, so keep watching the internet. He's an incredible crate digger and a bludfiyah DJ. Could somebody call 2012, and tell them this guy is coming through!