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#69 Radiohead Takeover/ Thom Yorke, Jamie XX, Caribou, Lone & Illum Sphere

11 Oct 2011, 19:00 - 22:00 UTC

Hold on to your bowels, because the shit is about to hit the got dayum fan. Thom Yorke is up in the Boiler Room for #69, which is an ultra-special Radiohead 'TKOL RMX 1234567' celebration jam. Unleash your inner fan boy, it's Thom Yorke!

So what special individuals have they invited down to play alongside their good selves. Well, to kick off there's Boiler Room favourite Jamie XX. Who will be pon the mix and blend especially for you, and the other people who are locked in. He always packs the most different and exceptional selections - kapow!

Caribou will also be up in the joint, just being Caribou and generally running things. You might hear some Daphni business, you might hear straight Caribou business, it might justset you off on a whole new life path because it's going to be awesome regardless.

Doing his tropical business especially for us will be Lone, who officially stole our hearts last time he blessed the Boiler Room. It's time to see where he's at.

The illest of the ill, Illum Sphere completes the line-up. Honestly, he's one hell of a dj. You can belieeee dat!