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#71 Young Turks/ Chairlift (live), Jamie Jones, John Talabot, Doldrums (live) & Tasker

01 Nov 201120:00 - 23:00 UTC

Young Turks, are official long-term pals, are once again descending upon our favourite place - the Boiler Room. They always put together something fresh and different. Something, very much, like this.

First off they've got Chairlift, Brooklyn's finest musical offering to the world in recent years, are going to come and play live especially for all your big smiling faces.

Then, recent house music sensation Jamie Jones will be there to help you get fast and loose. Shit just seems to end up roadblock wherever he goes, so this may well be a good time to catch him. When you've got room to show you true appreciation.

After receiving raptuous internet applause, John Talabot has deemed us worthy of his presence and we couldn't be more chuffed. There's something in the simplicity of his productions that just sits so right. You're gonna be into whatever he does.

Has anyone else noticed how much dope shit has been coming out of Toronto recently? I'd classify it as a shit ton of dope shit. Doldrums are a large contributing factor in all this.

Aaaaaand finally.. one of NTS' finest selector/ dj mandems Mr Nic Tasker will be warming the party nicely. How terribly exciting!

01 Nov 201120:00 - 23:00 UTC


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John Talabot
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Jamie Jones