#76/ DJ Shadow, King Midas Sound (LIVE), Cooly G (LIVE) & Scratch DVA (LIVE)

07 Dec 2011, 20:00 - 23:00 GMT

So it's December already?! When the fuck did that happen? It's really cold, you've no money because you have to buy people gifts and your head hurts from seasonally excessive drinking and eating. Thankfully, we're here to make you feel a little bit better with some true heroes up in the Boiler Room, for #76.

DJ Shadow, the guy who soundtracked a generation, will be in the Boiler Room with a DJ set made up of all the records he sampled in his new album (oh and hopefully he'll run some classics too). If you're not sure who DJ Shadow is, then you should probably Google him and prepare to feel ashamed now.

Then King Midas Sound will be playing LIVE for you! Apparently they have some ridiculously large set up, which we really enjoy. The bigger the better really. It's the guy from The Bug though ennit.

To keep the whole live thing going, Cooly G will also be playing live. Check the video above, she samples Coldplay and it sounds dope!

Aaaaand the live shit don't stop! Scratcha DVA will also be playing live. No, we didn't know he did that either.. expect the unexpected.