#85 Worldwide Family/ Kutmah, Slugabed, Mo Kolours & Tehbis

London03 Apr 201220:00 - 23:00 BST

Ooookay, so the last Brownswood visit to Boiler Room was 68 shows ago - which I think in Boiler Room years translates to 'a fucking long time ago'. So they're coming back, bigger and badder than ever. With a Kutmah-centric bill to celebrate the compilation he just compiled for them.

Obviously the man himself Kutmah will be doing his thing in the Boiler Room once again. He always kills it.. you know all this.

Then there's Slugabed's first Boiler Room appearance to look forward too. He's put out some great stuff over the last couple of years. You know it's time to be getting excited.

You know that saying that you can judge a record by it's cover, and that's the whole reason why records are better than books.. Well, that Mo Kolours record that got put out recently was one of the most audibly/ visually breathtaking releases i've experienced in a while - so I guess the proverb is correct.

To bring this whole shebang to a close, we've also got this Tehbis guy coming down to provide a vibe (or 'provibe'). If the Worldwide Family suggest him, then he must be amazing. Let's all watch his set and prepare to fall in love or something.

London03 Apr 201220:00 - 23:00 BST
19:00 - 22:00 GMT