#91/ A-Trak, Seb Chew, Martelo, Piff Gang (LIVE P.A.) & Livin' Proof

01 May 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

We've said it more than once around these parts, but we always kind of feel like we just don't have enough hip hop on our show. So to battle against these feeelings, we've put together a 100% hip hop special. Oh yeah, and A-Trak is coming down. So feel free to go freakin' crazy as and when you feel necessary.

A-Trak is going to be in the Boiler room. Yeah, yeah I know I already said it.. but it just sounds so damn good. He'll be putting together a set of purely hip hop - and if you don't know he used to be DMC champion of the world.

Seb Chew is coming down too, for his second set in the Boiler Room. He's bound to prove once again why Yo Yo is one of the best nights in London.

NTS superstar and all-round awesome DJ Mr. Martelo will also be coming down to showcase his talents.

10-strong , London based, MC crew Piff Gang are also going to come down and perform a live P.A.

The guys behind London's premier hip hop night Livin Proof are going to be there too. As will the Livin' Proof affiliated Rewd Adams & The Last Skeptik (whose new video you can check below).

All in all this is going to be the shit - straight up!


Seb Chew-profile-image
Seb Chew