#93/ Debruit, Auntie Flo, Dauwd, Kuhrye-OO & Anon

08 May 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

What the hell?! We never had Debruit on the show before??! You know what, sometimes I look around at the team we've assembled here at Boiler Room HQ and just think. There's something missing.. we need somebody dynamic enough to throw out ideas like this way sooner.

He has an album on the way that's apparently tip top, though I've not heard it yet either. Joe Muggs says "Everyone needs to know that Debruit may have made the album of the year."I usually trust his judegment to be honest.

Auntie Flo has an album just on the horizon also, and it's a god damn dazzler of an LP. If you want to hear it, you'd better make sure you're at home watching this show. Or, you know, I guess there are probably clips of it up online somewhere.

Pictures Music's Dauwd is going to be heading down to entertain you thoroughly also. You should know by now what awesome tastemakers the Pictures guys are, and hopefully how good Dauwd is also.

Kuhrye-oo is a new guy who you need to research right NOW.. fools. He plays live with Grimes and just released his debut EP on UNO!

The elusic enigma, that goes solely by the name of Anon will also be there. We'e lifting the lid on his identity by broadcasting his live show all over the internet.


Auntie Flo-profile-image
Auntie Flo