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14 May 2018, 18:00 - 01:00 BST

For over thirty years a real, powerful, defiantly queer electricity has surged through the Greater Manchester area. From the galvanising effect of the homophobic Section 28 laws in ‘88, through the alternative fringe of the First and Second Summers of Love, to key hotspots like HomoElectric and Flesh in the mixed-up late 90s and 00s (plus the national smash show Queer As Folk), to the ultra-inclusive class of today: it's all vital. So we’re celebrating it.

Later this month, Boiler Room will unveil "Fleshback: Queer Raving in Manchester’s Twilight Zone", our new short documentary directed by Stephen Isaac-Wilson, exploring the vivid history, enduring legacy and present landscape of this colourful world.

First, a Boiler Room broadcast in classic style, featuring as many DJs, dancers and collectives doing Manchester proud as we can fit under one roof:

Members of Kiss Me Again, High Hoops, Meat Free, Body Horror and HomoElectric will perform on and off-camera across a 7 hour event, with decor handled by local rabble-rousers Bollox.

In addition, two guests join us: Spencer Parker, a stalwart of the scene with more Panomarabar appearances than you’ve had hot dates; and Peach, one of the DJs we’re most excited about in the country right now. Both are set to pour gasoline on an already burning hot bonfire.

14th May we celebrate Manchester's queer scene as best we can. Get the date in your diary.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no public RSVP for this particular show. Tune in and show support from your keyboard. We'll be back in Manny soon enough

Shot by Decoy Media