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Boiler Room Palestine

Ramallah22 Jun 201816:30 - 21:00 IDT

On Friday 22nd of June, we are showcasing the thriving Palestinian underground scene with the first Boiler Room event in Ramallah, Palestine.

For this daytime affair, we’re working with artists whose work and DIY approach has defined the contemporary music culture in the last 10 years. From hip hop, beats and experimental music to house, techno and electro, we turn our eyes on a group of young people who use art as a platform for expression.

Taking place in one of Palestine’s music hubs, we celebrate distinct and progressive talent.

The event will be one to remember. Lock in.

To attend, please sign up to be on the guestlist. Please click REQUEST AN INVITE.

We select the names at random. In the morning of June 22nd, we will email you to tell you if your name is on the guest-list and the address. There will be no tickets on the door. You can also watch the event online. See you in Ramallah!

نحن نختار الاسامي عشوائيا, لذلك سوف نرسل تأكيد الدعوة في صباح يوم الجمعة الثاني والعشرين مع الاعلان عن الموقع.

الجمعة الثاني والعشرين من شهر حزيران نقدم لكم عرض البويلر روم لأول مرة في فلسطين لاكتشاف المشهد الفلسطيني مزدهر, بتعاون مع فنانين يعملون بجد و حددت نهج عملها لتطوير المشهد و الموسيقى البديلة الحديثة في العشر سنوات الماضية. من موسيقى الهيب هوب, إلى الموسيقى التجريبية إلى موسيقى التكنو والهاوس و الالكترونية بشكل عام. بهذا نكون قد وجهنا نظرنا إلى مجموعة من الشباب الذين يستخدمون الفن كمنبر للتعبير.

سوف يقام العرض في احدى المراكز الموسيقية المهمة في رام لله, لنحتفل بالمواهب المتميزة والمتقدمة.

على الخط:-

فريق الجزر
ماكي ماكوك
الناظر و شب جديد
داكن و جلمود

سوف نبقى ليلة مخلدة بتاريخ.

هذا العرض غير عام, فقط المدعوون هم من يسمح لهم بدخول, ولا يوجد تذاكر. يجب عليكم ان ترسلو طلب دعوة قبل الواحد و العشرون من شهر حزيران, الرجاء النقر على طلب استضافة و تعبئة المطلوب و التاكيد على الطلب.

Ramallah22 Jun 201816:30 - 21:00 IDT
13:30 - 18:00 GMT


Muqata'a Image

Building his career with Ramallah Underground, a seminal hip hop group that influenced a whole new generation of Palestinian artists, Muqata’a is known as the godfather of hip hop in Ramallah. With his distinct productions, he has managed to build one of the most interesting hip hop scenes in the Arab world. Now moving towards to abstract, glitchy and instrumental productions, Muqata’a will perform a live set.

Jazar Crew Image
Jazar Crew

Formed in 2010, Jazar is a DIY music and art collective that aims to provide a safe dancefloor for the Palestinian youth. The collective took action to strengthen the Palestinian underground through programming legendary parties in Haifa, Jaffa and Ramallah. What started with music, art and educational content, lead to a large movement that built a creative community across borders.

SAMA' Image
ODDZ Image

ODDZ aka Odai Masri has been throwing parties in Ramallah for more than 10 years. As one of the founders of the first Palestinian techno label, Harara, and member of Ramallah’s independent Radio Nard, “Baba” Odai has dedicated himself to push the scene forward.

Makimakkuk Image

Part of key collectives such as Radio Nard and Saleb Wahad, singer, producer and DJ Makimakkuk is a central figure of Ramallah’s creative circle. Influenced by a wide range of genres, her music is a perfect combination of seriousness and sarcasm. Expect a live set, boosted with high energy.

Dakn Image

Dakn is an MC, producer & DJ based in Ramallah. His lyrical content is controversial, conscious, and abstract while his production is a variation of different styles and genres that blend to create a new sound with every release.

Julmud Image

Julmud is a producer, percussionist, keyboardist, and vocalist/mc based in Ramallah. He composes, samples and combines sounds from across the globe to make a new non-generic form of music.

Al Nather Image
Al Nather

Flautist, percussionist, vocalist and producer based in Ramallah, Al Nather is a part of a hip hop and experimental crew based also in Ramallah called Saleb -1.

Shabjdeed Image

Upcoming artist from Ramallah’s bltnm crew.