Beautiful Swimmers & Friends/ Beautiful Swimmers, Max D, Ruf Dug & Soft Rocks

25 Oct 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

The majestical, humbling and beautiful swimmer gang are descending upon our European shores and while they're in town we've managed to convince them to swing by Boiler Room. They're in town to play Rhythm Section on the Friday, after spotting a piece about the night on Dummy and hitting up those homies. So what kind of swimming techniques can we expect from the show?

Beautful Swimmers, one half of the Future Times label will of course be in attendance to give you all a thorough swimming lesson. Time to earn your badges people!

Ya boy Max D will be up in the joint too. If you checked his album before then you'll for sure be sat in a puddle of your own wetness because of all the excitement. Sorry to get a bit grim then, but we have to try and get your attention somehow.

In his own words, Ruf Dug describes himself as.. "YEAH FUCK RüF DUG WAS BORN IN A VOLCANO AND NOW HE LIVES UNDER THE STARS. HE HAS BOUTIQUE RECORD-LABEL, RüF KUTZ BRINGING ANALOGUE JAMZ FOR ZE HEADDDDZZZZZZ xxxxxx". We really couldn't have given that information to you much better.

Aaaand finally, the exceptional Soft Rocks will be playing too. Officially Brighton's finest and we love them!