Big Dada/ Roots Manuva, Wiley, Sticky, Dels, Dobie, Bang On! & Offshore

05 Jun 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

You heard right people, Big Dada are coming down to Boiler Room to show you all why they're kinda a big deal.

Roots Manuva is returning after an awfully long hiatus from our room. The Mercury Nominated UK hip hop legend is one of the jewels of modern British music - so lets celebrate that!

Now, we fully get how unpredicable Wiley can be right? That's why we love the guy. He's agreed to come down, we'd lose our minds if he does - but you never know do you. Just expect the unexpected.

Talk about a legendary line-up, Big Dada have gone all out. With Sticky also coming down to provide a vibe, it's gonna be straight leave your hat at the door business, or risk losing it through excessive shoulder action.

One of the shining lights of hip hop produced on these shores is Dels, and his home on Big Dada couldn't be more fitting. He'll be there to, showcasing his masterful talents.

Dobie will also be coming down to perform for y'all.. the guy worked on those first two classic Soul II Soul albums and has been doing amazing shit ever since. It's time to show some resects!

Bang On is Liverpool based MC Elliot Egerton. A new guy to the Big Dada roster and one we're all getting very excited about.

Aaaand, the superb Offshore will also be heading down. He was one of the last guys to see a release on the epic Stuff Records and has since been supplying the world with jams via Big Dada. Let's check where he's at right now.


Roots Manuva-profile-image
Roots Manuva