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#61 Black Acre Special/ Hyetel, Snow Ghosts, Blue Daisy & Fantastic Mr Fox

19 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC

Black Acre are about! Constantly turning to ear to fresh stuff, and once your start looking into them - they have this incredible work ethic of getting people's work out there. They've had what can honestly be referred to as a shit ton of releases since they started up in 2007. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, they're coming to Boiler Room to show you where they're at on 2011.

First on the bill is Hyetal, who we presume treats synths like hoes (judgin by his recently released debut album). He really dons them, making them work for him going out and earning money every night. We love the way he hustles.

Blue Daisy - 3rd Degree Hip Hop EP by Black Acre Records

Boiler Room regular Blue Daisy will also be about, most probably being the guy with a gas mask on - to protect him from the strong vibes he channels through the system and down our stream. Stand too close and risk enjoying yourself.. a lot.

Snow Ghosts is the dynmic combination of Throwing Snow (who is soon to release on Alex Nut's Ho-Tep label) and vocalist Augustus Ghost. There stuff is incredible, as you can hear in that mini mix below. I know Annie Mac totally made the word 'mini' and 'mix' quite a deterrent when lumbered together, but you can't let that effect you forever. Throw loose those shackles!

Snow Ghosts - Lost At Sea EP - Mini Mix by Black Acre Records

Lastly, Fantastic Mr. Fox will be about. Hopefully playing some new stuff - because he's officially 'stand out'.

Hyetal - Phoenix (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) by Black Acre Records

19 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC


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Fantastic Mr Fox
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Blue Daisy