Boiler Room Berlin 001/ Redshape, Kassem Mosse, Jimmy Edgar & Objekt

Berlin23 Aug 201120:00 - 00:00 CEST

Broadcast from Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin (S/U Wedding)

2000 - 2400 (CEST), Tuesday 23rd August 2011
Newsflash: There is an awful lot of good music coming out of Berlin! For years many have heralded it as the homeland of great dance music, and in this 'easyjetset' land of club culture we now live in - we figured it's about time we ventured there.

Boiler Room Berlin sets out to showcase the joys of this place's musical stockpile by not just heading out there to show you someone else's party - but to lay one on ourselves. From underneath a disused swimming pool, we're going to do what we know best, and lay on a broadcast especially for you of some fine talent - in regular Boiler Room style.

The ever impressive Redshape will be passing through to represent the legendary Dutch house label Delsin. He wears a scary mas, he makes some scary techno (though his work spans a lot of sounds, so get read for something different) and we sure as hell can't wait to bring him to laptop screens the world over.

Up in the pool, you'll also find Mr. Kassem Mosse. People have been going crazy over this guy for the past couple of years and with good cause. His releases on Workshop are damn near modern classics and he'll be coming to Boiler Room to showcase his work live. Get ready to see some hardware!

Straight out of Detroit, we'll also be hosting Jimmy Edgar. Signed to !K7, he has also released on Warp and NonPlus.. so his credentials are pretty up there with the best. Apparently he's also bringing loads of girls. So props for that!

We're also overjoyed to be bringing you Objekt, one of our favourite new producers of 2011. After only a couple of releases he's rapidly making a name for himself. If we get drunk enough, there's a good chance of some 'fan-boying'.

20 - 21: Objekt
21 - 22: Kassem Mosse
22 - 23: Jimmy Edgar
23 - 24: Redshape
please note set times are German time (e.g. GMT+1)
Berlin23 Aug 201120:00 - 00:00 CEST
18:00 - 22:00 GMT