Boiler Room Berlin 005: Richie Hawtin & Friends - Home For The Holidays

29 Dec 2011, 17:00 - 21:00 CET

1700 - 2100 (CET) / 1600 - 2000 (GMT), Thursday 29th December 2011

We couldn't quite bear to leave you all alone in the Christmas to New Years stretch, so we're off to Berlin for a rather delightful session with some of our favourite guys. Prepare your mind, body and soul for a thorough workout.

So, to set the scene.. the legendary Richie Hawtin is going to be there. Our personal hero Carl Craig is going to be there. Mute Records founder Daniel Miller is going to be there. The man who dares to visualise sound Alva Noto is going to be there. Forward thinking Berghain poster boy Marcel Dettman is going to be there - and MINUS affiliated homies Gaiser and Matador are going to be there. Now give all that a little stir and add some Boiler Room hot sauce, and you've got yourself a treat!