Boiler Room Berlin 007/ Joey Beltram, Boys Noize, Doc Daneeka & Benjamin Damage & Doumen Allstars (LIVE)

29 Feb - 01 Mar 2012, 20:00 - 00:00 CET

Broadcast from Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin (S/U Wedding)

2000 - 2400 (CEST), Wednesday 29th February 20112
Once again we're heading to Berlin next week, and just in case you hadn't got it figured out by now we're doing this thing monthly. Those guys are a lot fun and we just can't bare to leave them for any longer. For this session we've invited down some personal heroes and dance music veterans to play alongside some super and steaming fresh talent.

First off, Joey Beltram is going to be inside the joint. A guy who has released on labels such as Warp, R&S, Transmat, Tresor, TRAX.. and a bunch more. I think his status has just be proven, this guy is legit.

One of Berlin's most beloved DJs Boys Noize will also be in attendance to play some of his old techno favourites. We can't wait to see what he pulls out, it's pretty much guaranteed to be deepness.

Now make way for the newer homies, in the form of Doc Daneeka & Benjamin Damage. Well, they've actually been about for a little while, but in the grand scale of thing they're fresh shit. They just put out their album on 50Weapons, and cats are going crazy for it. You know it will be fun times!

Lastly, we have Doumen Allstars playing LIVE. We featured them a little while ago on the blog, and we're big fans. Coming down in no particular order will be "Praezisa Rapid 3000", "Simon12345" and "The Koldingen Orchestra".