Boiler Room Berlin 10/ A Guy Called Gerald, Sandwell District, Anika and Obi Blanche, Session Victim & Silent Servant

30 May 2012, 20:00 - 00:00 CEST

Broadcast from Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin (S/U Wedding)

2000 - 2400 (CEST), Wednesday 30th May 2012
Berlin is 10 shows old now, so we figured it was about time to start celebrating how much fun it's been this year and pull out all the stops once again.

The first artist lined-up to blow your mind is everyone's musical role model A Guy Called Gerald. Gerald Simpson's life long dedication to providing you with album after album after single after single of wholesome goodness - all of which sounds like it's about 20 years ahead of it's time - is something we feel everyone needs exposing to again, and this time Berliner style..

Joining him will be Sandwell District, the collaboration of Regis and Function that has reshaped the sound of techno. This stuff is as cold as you like, so even though it's crazy hot right now, get ready toturn up your heating and put some money aside for the bill.

The supremely dope Anika, who's album produced by the guy from Portishead and was released on Stones Throw last year, will also be joining us. Go and listen to that album right now because the shit is legit. She will also be joined by Obi Blanche - who will be giving the show extra bonus points.

Session Victim will also be heading to show us what's what - straight off the back of their debut album. Which is another one for your listening pile because it's probably one of the best house music albums this year.

Lastly but obviously not leastly, scary breh Silent Servant is going to be playing for you guys too. He's close buddies with the Sandwell District camp - but in the sea of mysterious white labels even we get confused as to what is actually going on. The mysterious nature of it all is what keeps us going though, and it sure is a good reason to lock in hey?!


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Sandwell District
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Session Victim
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Silent Servant