Boiler Room Berlin 1st Anniversary/ DJ Hell, Tevo Howard, Scuba B2B Jimmy Edgar, Cosmin TRG B2B Efdemin, Christian Löffler & Mano Le Tough

29 Aug 2012, 20:00 - 00:00 CEST

Broadcast from Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin (S/U Wedding)

2000 - 0000 (CEST), Wednesday 29th August 2012
So Boiler Room Berlin is a year old, or near enough, this week.. and what else is there to do in such a situation than to do what we always do and have a little broadcasting session with some music and some dancing and some party.

Ring the fucking bell tower or something because DJ Hell is coming to Boiler Room to make sure you all sweat your t-shirt off. Something of an underground hero within the dance community, and being at the forefront of International DeeJay Gigolo Records sure must have kept him entertained over the years. So lets see what he brings for us shall we..

The fun doesn't even begin to slow down there though, as one of our undeniable heroes Mr. Tevo howard is set to join us too. Son of Rick howard and label hero of Beautiful Granville records he's quite the dude when it comes to house music and odds are if you enjoy the genre you probably own a couple of his records.

For this special occasion we'v also roped in four of our favourite guests from previous Berlin shows to play B2B! The masterful Scuba will play alongside the mystical Jimmy Edgar, and the all-powerful Cosmin TRG will play alongside the all-encompassing Efdemin. Talk about a fucking vibes apocalypse. Somebody alert the emergency services will they!

Did you by any chance hear Christian Löffler's album earlier in the year? If you did then you'll know exactly how ace he is and why he earn't his slot on this super-special anniversary extravanganza. Boy oh boy are we excited to see how he brings the ruckus.

Mano Le Tough is an Irish man in Berlin, who regular delivers killer releases as well as throwing insanely good regular parties in Berlin alongside his longtime friend The Drifter.

There will also be special guests throughout the night, which we're going to keep under wraps. Expect the unexpected folks!


Cosmin TRG-profile-image
Cosmin TRG
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DJ Hell
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Jimmy Edgar
Mano Le Tough-profile-image
Mano Le Tough
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Tevo Howard