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Boiler Room Chicago: Voyage

Chicago11 Aug 202212:00 - 16:00 CDT

Our Broadcast Lab winners SydFalls, MissTwinkUSA & Zolita host us in Chicago for Voyage, a celebration of the city's core musical pillars.


Executive Producer: SydFalls 
Directors: SydFalls, Miss Twink USA, Zolita 
Producers: Zolita, MissTwinkUSA, Mickey Wozniak, 
Choir director: Zolita 
Host: Zolita 
DP: Madeline Hampton, Michael Hoday 
Video Editor: Madeline Hampton 
Camera: Joseph Esquivel 
LD: Patrick Riley 
Sound: Kobe Dupree, Nathan Huber

Chicago11 Aug 202212:00 - 16:00 CDT
17:00 - 21:00 GMT