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Boiler Room China: Beijing

30 Apr 2016, 08:30 - 14:00 CDT

We’re pretty excited that we're finally touching down in China for our first two shows from Shanghai and Beijing! Both shows will be a diverese cross cut through China’s electronic music scenes - from old school heroes like Elvis T. aka Art’s Difficult, new generation beatsmiths Billy Starman and Howie Lee, representing the Do Hits! collective, Gooooose and Kai Luen (aka Soulspeak) holding up the SVBKVLT flag,  techno veterans Mickey Zhang and Shao (who recently released on the legendary Tresor record label), Public Possesion homie tzusing, Shanghai scene mainstay MIIIA and accomplished vocalist ChaCha, who has been recording with some of bass music greats like Kode9, Adrian Sherwood or The Bug.

We’re particularly thrilled that we’re not only finally putting China on the ever expanding Boiler Room map, but also connect the Chinese scenes with the rest of the Boiler Room community as we’re joined by two electronic music legends on our trip - Paul Woolford and Black Coffee. Mr. Wooford (aka Special Request) needs no further introduction (except maybe that we still can’t get enough of his album on Houndstooth and that we can’t wait for his upcoming album on XL Recordings) and anyone who doesn’t know that South Africa’s Black Coffee might be the most important DJ on the African continent must have found this site by accident (just in case, rewatch his legendary set here).