Boiler Room Detroit/ Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, Mike Huckaby, Rick Wilhite, Jay Daniel, Kyle Hall & Manuel Gonzales

25 May 2012, 20:00 - 00:00 EDT

Yeah that's right bitches - we're finally making the pilgrimage back to where this music originated! For what we originally wanted to call 'Boiler Room 313', but have been advised to call 'Boiler Room Detroit' instead. It's all been a big collaborative effort between Red Bull Music Academy, the future of Detroit Kyle Hall himself and ourselves, durr..

This team effort has landed us with a line-up that sets out to represent what Detroit is about, with a selection of heroes alongside newbies who are reallydoing their thing out there.

You all need to recognise right now that Anthony 'Shake' Shakir is going to be playing records for us all. A long-time hero to many who's work was worthily pushed to a whole new audience recently with a series of re-issues on Rush Hour, and more recently Wild Oats.

Mike Huckaby is going to be there too.. a man who demands your respect! The guy has made some of the most amazing records you'll ever hear, and yet remains dedicated to staying in his hometown of Detroit - tutoring kids at the city's Youthville centre. Discovering guys like Kyle Hall in doing so.

Detroit legend and 3 Chairs affiliated Rick Wilhite will also be coming down to play for us. I'm sensing a very serious situation right now. You know these cats get pretty competitive at jams like this. Don't be surprised if we lose our minds and embarrass ourselves.

Jay Daniel will also be up in the joint. He's the son of Naomi Daniel by the way.. you know, that awesome singer. He also DJs regularly alongside Kyle Hall at their Fudamentals night. He's a selector to keep an eye out for!

Kyle Hall himself will be there of course. Remember when he played for us before - he reduced most of us to tears. He put this whole thing together too. What a hero!

Manuel Gonzales will also be there to show us how good the local DJs of Detroit are. Some of the best guys in the D aren't even known about by people outside. So this is going to be a chance for you all to see what Detroit is actually about.