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Boiler Room Fives Afterparty

London07 Aug 201100:00 - 00:00 BST

So after a hard day of ball booting, tanked up on Red Stripe, vibed out on music and deep inside the food coma that follows a fine barbecue - what better way to get ready for a new week than watching/ dancing to the afterparty show back at your yard?

It promises to be like a musical version of Match of the Day, and you can be guaranteed that enough post match analysis. Only, instead of being soundtrack by washed-up indie bands it's going to have the rawest Detroit guy we know. This should be a pretty good clue, but there's plenty Detroit homies in London this weekend.. either trust us to come through with the goods or just keep watching the twitter.

Kutmah, The Shining, Tic (Young Turks) & Thristian playing some fine, fine music for y'all. Which will be good because we'll be able to give you a slice of what went down in room 2 at our birthday party. Some very serious shiiiiiiiiiieeeeet indeed.

Our NTS Radio chums will also be supplying heat with a vinyl only selection in room 2. Which is nice, because those guys really know their stuff!

As the flyer suggests, this is a private party. Which sounds super wanky we know - but come down and catch the day's antics where everything is free and maybe you won't hate us so much.

London07 Aug 201100:00 - 00:00 BST