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Boiler Room Fives Event Summary

London07 Aug 201100:00 - 00:00 BST

What a day! Football, music, food, drink, sun & rain, all compacted into one afternoon. The pressure was so high that Oneman tried to do a runner with the 6ft trophy before the semi-finals had even begun. Out to Numbers, R&S and Hotflush for reaching the semi-finals. Especially mark Omodio from Hotflush for showing true dedication to the game and bagging himself the golden boot.

Extended props have to go to NTS for claiming the title, despite a goalkeeper with a broken hand. Everyone involved really exceeded expectations, thanks for making it such a hoot guys. By the time it reached the afterparty people really did need a wind down. Tic, Thristian, Kutmah, The Shining, and of course Theo Parrish managed to massage those torn hamstrings back into something respectable.

Finally we'd like to express a massive thanks to UMBRO for the dope custom kits, and for making the whole event possible. We could never have pulled this off without you guys.

London07 Aug 201100:00 - 00:00 BST