Event flyer

Boiler Room & Logan Sama with the ICA London present: Skepta, Stormzy & The Square

14 Dec 2014, 21:00 - 22:30 GMT

Logan Sama and Boiler Room have joined forces to create a new kind of grime session. Symbolically returning to the ICA bar, the home of the Dirty Canvas sessions that first brought grime out of London's estates and into its heart, these events will be strictly for the hardcore. As well as being a showcase for talent old and new from around the country, it's a place for true fans and dedicated DJs and MCs to congregate and discuss and argue about the scene they love, to rate performances and records and to bring the vitality of the scene off the messageboards and video comments and into a single room. First to the plate: dons Skepta, Stormzy and The Square. Don't miss this.