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Boiler Room & Logan Sama With The ICA London Present: Trim & Big Narstie

10 May 2015, 21:00 - 22:30 BST

Grime has always been about outsiders. Whether that refers to the way general folk looked at the genre - a 140bpm-sped commentary on council flat life - or looking from the inside out. By that we're referring to the MCs with an unorthodox, yet celebrated approach. Flirta D is definitely one. A champion of onomatopoeia, he had a knack for piecing together SFX soundbites into his bars. Scratchy from Roll Deep could produce a high trilling war chant from the back of his throat mid-flow. Both had their own styles, and it undoubtedly worked in their favour.

For the fourth edition in our Boiler Room and ICA celebration of grime, Logan Sama turns to two more outsiders. Trim and Big Narstie are way up in the grime hierarchy for their distinct approaches to eskibeat. Where many of his contemporaries opted for rapid-fire flow, Trim was almost conversational. Big Narstie is without a doubt, a champion of the grime culture with equal bags of talent and 'out there' charisma.