Boiler Room Los Angeles 001 Stones Throw Takeover/ Peanut Butter Wolf, J.Rocc & Dam-Funk

25 Feb 2012, 20:00 - 23:00 PST

The rumours are true folks, we're coming to LA.

To kick off the series we've hooked up with local heroes Stones Throw. Well, they're not just local heroes. We'd describe them as global heroes. Just imagine the great big chunk of good music missing from your record collection without them.

Of course, label-head Peanut Butter Wolf will be there to play records and demonstrate what the label is all about. I'm sure you need no introduction, because you probably just got all misty eyed and drooly just from the mention of his name.

Then, because we know you can be a little demanding even if you are worth it, we're hitting you with that J.Rocc fever. One of the originators right here. Not that I was around back then to tell you how good he was, but i'm pretty sure he was the best.

Oh and just because we know you're about to explode, and we want to see that blubber fly, "The Ambassador of Boogie Funk" himself will be there. More commonly recognised as Dam-Funk.

Anyone who gives funk the time it deserves will probably dream about attending his Funkmosphere parties - se we can't wait to present to you a sample of what it's like.

Pretty strong contender for 'coolest guy ever' right here.