Boiler Room Los Angeles 002 GLK & Friends/ Gaslamp Killer, Jeremiah Jae, Samiyam, Computer Jay, DJ Nobody, Jonti, Alter, Jon Wayne, PBDY & Cohenbeats

Los Angeles31 Mar - 01 Apr 201220:00 - 12:00 PDT

Hey LA! Just to let you know, we're coming for you again with our second session in as many months. This time we've got Gaslamp Killer inviting down a bunch of his top homies - and with friends like these who wouldn't expect great things.

Obviously, the man GLK himself is going to be there to orchestrate the whole thing. If you've caught the man's previous sets you'll know how he brings the fun factor alongside the powerful selection. You're in for a good time.

After blessing the SXSW backyard thing we did, Jeremiah Jae is coming back to express some LA vibes this time. As we've said before he's got an album coming out on Brainfeeder, so you know he's legit!

Now when you talk about Brainfeeder albums, it's not long til you start rejoicing over Samiyam's masterpiece from last year. He's a top boy.

You probably know all about Computer Jay from his releases on All City and Ramp, though to be honest he's not go that much stuff out there. So let's all gather round our screens and see what he comes up with.

DJ Nobody is going to be there, well we presume he'll be there. Hopefully the name isn't some kind of practical joke in which nobody turns up and it's just a pair of silent turntables.

Stones Throw's Jonti is coming down, and if his album from last year is anything to go by his set will be the most delicious shit you consumed in a while.

All I can make out from Alter's website is that he makes real dope beats, and he's heavy into trainers. Oh, and he's the guy that recorded that video of Thom Yorke at Low End Theory. Seems like a great guy to me.

Jonwayne is coming down as well. No, not that Jon Wayne obviously. The other one.

PBDY works at Brainfeeder, now if you can imagine the selection process they must go through to find new employees then you should be able to figure out what a top notch guy he is.

Aaaaand finally, Mr. CohenBeats is going to be playing some stuff for you too!

Los Angeles31 Mar - 01 Apr 201220:00 - 12:00 PDT
03:00 - 19:00 GMT