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Boiler Room Los Angeles 003/ Sons Of The Morning (Prefuse73 & Teebs), Nosaj Thing, Free The Robots, Co.Fee, Plo & Frosty

Los Angeles12 Jun 201219:00 - 23:00 PDT

We're back in LA for our third installment of dopeness, bringing you signal via webcams and the internet and stuff from one of our favourite spots on earth.

Most excitably this time we have got a collabortiva team of fine fettle. As Teebs and Prefuse 73 partner up behind a big stack of buttons to showcase some stuff they've been working on together.

Nosaj Thing is going to be there too, who has one of the best live shows to have done the whole 'world tour' in quite a while. It's all lights and nutty noises and awesome music. You'll like it, we promise.

Free The Robots will be playing too! These guys have put records out on Alpha Pup, All City and even OBEY?! They're totally legit, and compeletely unmissable.

Co.Fee demonstrates that 'do what you like' ethos that the whole new-wave of LA beatmakers roll with perfectly. Taking attributes from whatever you're feeling and putting it all on one record is however every bit of good music was ever constructed. He'll be coming down to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY!

To round off the line-up, we also got a couple of LA DJs whor truly know their stuff heading down. They go by the names of Frosty who is Dublab Radio's co-founder and Plo, who is part of My Hollow Drum. Prepare your minds people!!

Los Angeles12 Jun 201219:00 - 23:00 PDT
02:00 - 06:00 GMT


Nosaj Thing
Sons Of The Morning