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Boiler Room Los Angeles 005/ Sinjin Hawke, Morri$, Dreams & Falcons

Los Angeles24 Jul 201219:00 - 23:00 PDT

LA is already five shows strong so we figured it would be a great time to celebrate it's maturity with a line-up of pure unadulterated dopeness!

Beat crafter and all-round swell guy Sinjin Hawke is coming to perform on Boiler Room and undoubtedly smash our brain cells together until we're having an ace time.

Night Slugs homie Morri$ is going to be playing too. His tracks fully blew us out the water with that Night Slugs 12", and let's hope he offers up a slice of whatever he's been cooking up recently.

The high priest of funk edits, that we more commonly know as Dreams is going to be playing on the show too. Throw some talcum powder on your floor and get ready to lose yourself dancing along.

The mighty Falcons are all set to play on the night too. Their stuff somehow defines that stuff that works in a club or at home, and we just had tog et them down because they're so damn tight!

Los Angeles24 Jul 201219:00 - 23:00 PDT
02:00 - 06:00 GMT


Sinjin Hawke