Boiler Room Los Angeles 006 Halocyan Records/ DJ Pierre, John Tejada, Chrissy Murderbot, DNTEL, Sumsun & Exillon

07 Aug 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 PDT

Halocyan has been doing some real interesting shit recently, from putting out a bunch of Vladislav Delay remixes and some damn tasty XXXY stuff.. and well you know just generally doing interesting shit. They join us for a special broadcast from LA - with a genuine house music hero.

Who? DJ Pierre! Holy motherfuckin shit bags.. the guy from Phuture? Who is pretty widely recognised for making Acid what it is?!

Owner of Palette Records and all round house music don John Tejada will also be in the room supplying a classic house vibe. Treat yourself to some new trainers because the ones you're wearing are about to get worn the fuck out.

Are you all ready to Mexican wave in celebration.. because Chrissy Murderbot is coming back to Boiler Room. Last time he was here I think we all lost our shit quite unlike ever before. So lets recreate the magic!

DNTEL aka James Scott "Jimmy" Tamborello aka James Figurine is going to be showacasing how amazing he is as well. Interest factoid about DNTEL.. he was part of The Postal Service. Which sure does bring back a lot of memories.

Galaxy traveller and music producer Sumsun is all set to perform for y'all too. With his very personal brand of house music, we're expecting some big thangs..

Lastly, but for sure not leastly.. Exillon is going to come and attempt to help you get 'lost in the rave cave'. Hopefull there will also be some sort of plan set-up to help you get out of the rave cave shortly afterwards. Otherwise the whole thing might become a little upsetting. His beats are tight though. GET TO KNOW!


Chrissy Murderbot-profile-image
Chrissy Murderbot
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DJ Pierre