Boiler Room Los Angeles 007/ Shlohmo, Salva, LOL Boys, Groundislava, RL Grime & Young Adults

21 Aug 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 PDT

Ok so the moons have aligned and it's ime for Los Angeles to stand up and represent what's fresh and good in the place once again.

Starting off with the might Shlohmo, who after an incredible little LP last year has become many a person's number one dude. Unless you refuse to listen to stuff on YouTube you'll know exactly who this guy is, so get excited and get a personalised towel with his face on or something.

RBMA alumni and all-round baller Mr Salva wil be joining the LA gang on the night too. Prepare yourselves for great things.

LOL Boys is the alias of Montreal's Markus Garcia and LA's Jerome Potter, working together in perfect unity. The pair don't actually record music together in the same room, so organising a hot date like this for them is always nice.

It's likely that the ground you're on right now isn't lava, but hopefully you can find some way to relate to what Groundislava do. Most probably through the fact that he's pretty amazing!

RL Grime directly reference the author of Goosebumps as well as the UK's best musical invention.. grime. SO! You can kind of guess what to epect, a sort of witch house that isn't at all witch house because that sucks, and more kind of scary grime for kids - but not. Kapish?

Most of these cats have a direct link to the awesome Friends of Friends label, and so do these Young Adults cats. Their name has also been lended to the Friends of Friends sister label called, you guessed it, Young Adults. They're a bang tidy DJ duo, and they should set up the situation niiicely.


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RL Grime
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Young Adults