Boiler Room Los Angeles 010/ DJ Funeral, Samo Sound Boy, Myrryrs, Floyd Campbell, Delivery, DJ Dodger Stadium

09 Oct 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 PDT

It's with great honour and warm feelings inside that we welcome the Body High homies into Boiler Room LA. Who are they I hear very few of you ask.. well let's tak a closer look through the medium of words and embeddable audio/ visual players widgets.

These Delivery guys, who describe themselves as "synthesizer metamusic", are about to debut their new live acid set. Trippy? We sure hope so.

Floyd Campbell is slated to bring you an original set of Venice Beach techno. Beaches and techno rarely meet in the music world, and we're thankful that finally they've learnt to coexist.

They're also bringing Nashville's finest to LA. Get ready for MYRRYRS!

Samo Sound Boy is better known as the Body High Boss, his selection never fails.

Dark club music from hell, bringing us hits from the grave and beyond. DJ Funeral whaddup!

A special B2B from Samo Sound Boy and one of our personal favorites, Jerome LOL.. which shall be tastefully titles DJ Dodger Stadium.


DJ Funeral-profile-image
DJ Funeral
Floyd Campbell-profile-image
Floyd Campbell
Samo Sound Boy-profile-image
Samo Sound Boy