Boiler Room Los Angeles 014/ Goddollars b2b Paradise, Groundislava, Julio Bashmore

14 Dec 2012, 19:00 - 22:00 PST

This Friday will mark our last show for the year in Los Angeles (or maybe forever if the world really does end) and we're more than stoked because this one's going to be amazing.

GODDOLLARS & PARADISE are the two residents of the Los Angeles pansexual party palace known as A CLUB CALLEDRHONDA, PARADISE is also the co-creator/resident ofFACE2FACE, a warehouse-based temple to intensity. Their quest for the bounce is tireless. They also happen to be brothers.

Now if you're not already familiar with Groundislava, who played Boiler Room earlier this year, you will be after Friday's show. Expect more of the man's crazy antics and good vibes tomorrow.

We're also thrilled to have Julio Bashmore on the show while he's in town. Goes without saying, right?


Julio Bashmore-profile-image
Julio Bashmore