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Boiler Room New York 001/ AraabMuzik, Baauer, Shadowbox, LE1F & Physical Therapy

New York26 Jun 201219:00 - 23:00 EDT

Yes! We are making a power move to take this little thing we do to the big apple. The city is one helluva resource for amazingly cool stuff, such as music - and we're going to give it a chance to showcase what's new and happening in the locality. This first one is a slice of the goodness people in town have been raving about and we're real proud of the end result!

YouTube sensation/ MPC grandmaster world champion AraabMuzik is going to be in the room, hammering those pads at insane speeds. People have been going crazy over this guy, and it's time to justify the crap out of the hype by broadcasting his skills to the world!

Next up is this hot new thing that goes by the name of Baauer, who recently caught the attentions of some homies over here with one of his tracks featuring on Rustie's essential mix. He's also signed to Mad Decent's offshoot label Jeffrees and has Pitchfork fawning all over him. Listen to his music and prepare yourselves to start FEELING IT!

Then there's the exciting news that recent Pictures Music camp recruit Shadowbox is going to be in the house. Bonnie Baxter, the solo musician, the genius, the legend.. plans to impress you all and win your hearts. We believe in her.

LE1F is a rapper/ producer who really has really captured the minds of his generation. He's signed to his collaborator and Das Racist member Heems' label Greedhead and his Dark York mix tape really took America by storm a couple months ago! We just had to ask him down to showcase his skills on our internet music show.

Hmmm, so Physical Therapy is also going to be playing at our show, which is great timing because their new EP is out on Hippos In Tanks this week. There last record got the high-five of approval from Pitchfork so axpect the physically sonic experience of a lifetime!

New York26 Jun 201219:00 - 23:00 EDT
23:00 - 03:00 GMT


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