Boiler Room New York 002/ MikeQ, Rizzla + Blk.Adonis, DJ Sliink & Nadus

03 Jul 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 EDT

Just when your mind and body were beginning to recover from Boiler Room New York 001, we're coming straight back at you with another one. This time it's a celebration of New York's vogueing scene and the fact that it's finally reaching an audience beyonds the New York state. Starting off with the mighty..

MikeQ of Fade To Mind coming down to play for us all. Chantal Regnault's recent photo book Voguing: Voguing and the House Ballroom Scene of New York City 89-91 seems to have put voguing in front of a whole new audience, and MikeQ has become an in demand DJ around the world. His sets are lethal and we can't wait for him to tear apart Boiler Room!

Rizzla (also from Fade To Mind) & Blk.Adonis are two guys working along very similar paths, in taking that Ballroom sound and moving with the times. Their stuff is pushed the boundaries so far that now their stuff is almost unrecognisably built for Voguing. Except for the fact it has all the same energy.

DJ Slink is coming down too, after popping off with an EP for BodyHigh we're really looking forward to chacking where he's at.

Lastly we have Nadus joining us too. One of the most interesting guys playing with that juke sound at the moment, we presume he'll blow y'all away.


DJ Sliink-profile-image
DJ Sliink