Boiler Room New York 005: Red Bull Music Academy Takeover/ Flying Lotus, ?uestlove, Flatbush Zombies, Just Blaze, Joey Badass & The Underachievers

08 Oct 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 EDT

Red Bull Music Academy are bringing their incredible curation powers to New York to throw a broadcast with us of pretty ridiculous proportions. Yes once again we'll be bringing you Red Bull Music Academy graduate Flying Lotus, but this time it's from the BIG APPLE!

BOOM! How do you like them apples..

?uestlove from The Roots is also going to be all up in the place. If you've ever been in any form of contact with what The Roots do you'll probably know they're quite a big deal, and that ?uestlove is quite the digger.

After nailing it on a previous NYC Boiler Room, Flatbush Zombies are set to come back and bring their talents to your screen once again.

Now in case the situation wasn't quite serious enough, Just Blaze is going to be bring it to the show too. He's produced some of the biggest records in recent years and he's probably the best party DJ you will ever witness!

17 yr old Brooklyn native Joey Badass will be in attendance also, blessing the mic and proving that being just 17 doesn't mean shit in rap music.

Ohhh and The Underachievers will be there to prove to you all that they're actually massive over achievers and you should worship the like demi-Gods!