Event flyer

Boiler Room NYC: Warehouse Party

08 Dec 2019, 13:00 - 20:00 EST

Boiler Room is closing out our year in the US with a trio of special projects from three of our historic heartlands: NYC, LA & Miami. A speed-chaser to our North American tour earlier in the year, these events will tunnel down the same rabbit-hole: blowout raves in off-club warehouse locations with some of the most important new voices in the US underground, alongside some of its lasting diehards. These events will be broadcasted to raise their profile further.

Our last stop is NYC. A gathering of some of the city's most important club activists, it paints a bright picture of some of our very favourite figures to glow up this year. Added value! We're parachuting in one of America's most respected for a special visit: Detroit king Carlos Souffront. Gawp at the whole drop below.

• Ace Mo b2b MoMA READY
• Akua
• Carlos Souffront
• DJ Voices
• Lauren Flax
• Olive T.
• Rachel Noon
• Savile
• Tygapaw