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Boiler Room Paris x Dailymotion with Air Max '97

05 Jul 2016, 20:00 - 00:00 CEST

Melbourne-based Air Max '97 creates a musical canvas based on texture collages, adapting the energy of grime and club to an extra-terrestrial context.

Tobago Trax, Trax Couture & Sans Absence affiliate Sylvere builds an underwater tunnel between UK funky and the new francophone afrobeat trends, without disregarding the power of melody.

French Gang Fatale member Basile is a quiet romantic melodist in the studio and a hyperactive multi-genre party DJ behind the decks.

Drexciyan Grime and Drum-focused Roulé-like French touch are the ingredients of Le Dom’s powerful half-time stompers.

Not archived: Second-life Trancey R&B ballads for a post-autotune world: this is OK Lou live.