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Boiler Room Paris x Dailymotion Weird House session

31 May - 01 Jun 2016, 20:00 - 00:00 CEST

Mall Grab: combining an oceanic sense of sunset melancholy with a passion for rugged textures and hypnotizing riffs as well as nods to the "hardcore continuum", Australian sample house champion Mall Grab will burn the dance floor and then make it rise again from its ashes on his first Boiler Room.

Matthias Zimmermann: after having gone through his percussive field recording-based hybrid phase, his techno phase, his boogie phase, Wiesbaden Germany based Matthias Zimmermann is entering his "everything combined to make the best music you've ever heard"- phase with the release of his eponymous first album on June 10th on Sound Pellegrino.

Coni: having oscilliated between bass, techno and house in his early days through releases via Clekclekboom and more recently The Trilogy Tapes, Parisian club hero Coni is now fully establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of moody 4/4 grooves.

Nathan Melja: with releases on prestigious labels like Mr Saturday Night, Black Opal and Ninja Tune sublabel Technicolour, this young french drowsy house maestro has all eyes on him like Tupac, except he is still alive, so just like Tupac.