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Uncover Sessions: Bostich + Fussible, The/Das, Lao, Schez

29 Apr 2015, 22:00 - 02:00 CDT

Even though Mexican underground music is alive and blooming, there are very few Mexican artists that have achieved a significant transcendence to other cultures. Pepe Mogt and Ramon Bostich of the Nortec Collective (professionally known as Bostich + Fussible) have done so thanks to their constant search for their very own authentic musicality in addition to a long process of generating electronic music that successfully diffuse out of the city of Tijuana.

Throughout this search, Bosstich + Fussible and the Nortec Collective have also changed the world’s perception on what Mexican electronic music is or could be by playing the main stages of the most celebrated music festivals worldwide and integrating their Tech - Mex concept into the rest of the global music tendencies. With the acclaim and success of Nortec, it seems that both Mexicans and international listeners are a lot more open to new proposals and experiments like Lao from Mexico City or Schez from Culiacán.

Their talent and music draws newer shades to the local scene and are easy to spot within the global music pool. This versatile gamma of electronic sounds help nurture the diversity of underground world music culture.