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Boiler Room X Ballantine's True Music Studios: Madrid

Madrid18 - 28 Jan 2022


[EN] Curated by Argentina-born Reggaeton feminist Ms Nina, the second instalment of Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music Studios delves into Madrid's flourishing music scene. From the new wave of Spanish rap that wears regional influences with pride to the uptempo South American rhythms that have had an immense influence on the Spanish scene, TMS Madrid celebrates the city's diverse and idiosyncratic cultural landscape. With sets from fast-rising star Ptazeta who combines club rap with expansive dembow beats and machine-gun lyrical delivery, local legend Israel B, guest headliner Polimá Westcoast and many more, we challenge you to stay sat down once this one gets warmed up.

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[ES] Presentado por la feminista argentina del reggaeton Ms Nina, la segunda entrega de Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music Studios se adentra en la emergente escena musical de Madrid. Desde la nueva ola del rap español que lleva con orgullo las influencias regionales hasta los ritmos sudamericanos que han tenido una inmensa influencia en la escena española, TMS Madrid celebra el diverso e idiosincrático paisaje cultural de la ciudad.
Con las actuaciones de la estrella emergente Ptazeta, que combina el rap de club con ritmos dembow, la leyenda local Israel B, el cabeza de cartel invitado Polimá Westcoast y muchos más. Te desafiamos a que te quedes sentado una vez que esto se caliente.

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Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music Studios is committed to improving the experience for attendees, alongside anyone with other access needs. We aim to make all of our events wheelchair friendly by the end of 2022.


There is limited seating for guests at the venue
There is wheelchair access to the ground floor of the venue; however, the toilet is not accessible and the lift in the venue is not currently in operation
There are three flights of stairs at the venue providing access to the first and second floors
There will be event lighting in operation, with the potential use of strobe effects
Ear defenders will be available upon request; please ask a member of staff
A quiet space will be available upon request should this be needed by guests, please ask a member of staff

Madrid18 - 28 Jan 2022