Event flyer

Boiler Room x BEMF

08 Nov 2014, 00:00 - 03:00 EST

For our second partnership with BEMF, we wanted to give a nod to NYC's rich electronic music heritage by bringing together some pioneers from the early days. Frankie Bones is widely credited for bringing rave culture to America via Brooklyn in 1989 and his Storm Raves are the stuff of legends. "Superstar" DJ Keoki is NYC nightlife royalty, a tried and true club kid from the scene's early days and Love & Logic from S.O.U.P. will be kicking off the ceremonies for the night. Scotto is the man behind the iconic visuals from NYC's legendary NASA parties and he'll be putting the cherry on top of this momentous event.


Huge thanks to Cameo gallery for hosting us on the night.